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In the event a member of the House of Representatives is suspended from the session and refuses to leave, can the Speaker have that member removed? Section 44. (10) and (11) of the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives addresses this:

(10) If any Member, who is ordered to withdraw or who is
suspended under this Standing Order, refuses at any time to obey the direction of the Speaker to withdraw from the House and its precincts, the Speaker shall call the attention of the House to the fact that recourse to force is necessary in order to compel obedience to his direction, and the Member named by him as having so refused to obey his direction shall thereupon, without further question put, be suspended from the service of the House during the remainder of the Session.

(11) If resort to force is necessary, the Speaker may suspend the
sitting during the removal of the Member and invoke the assistance of any police officer in ejecting the offending member and such officer shall, for the purposes of this order, be deemed to be an Officer of the House.