UDP 3rd Term Agenda


  • Develop the Commerce Bight Port to support productive sector growth
  • Construct a new international airport in North Ambergris Caye
  • Develop a special financing program through DFC and the National Bank for small businesses and small farmers
  • Develop and implement a National Transportation Master Plan to address the need for efficient and cost effective movement of people and goods
  • Stimulate economic development as a natural deterrent against incursions through the construction of a road along the western border
  • Develop a modern mixed-use commercial zone at the Lake Independence Boulevard junction – government offices, a national bus terminal, the National Bank, DFC, Police and Fire Stations, a Community Resource Center and retail outlets
  • Shorten the time for accurate and efficient land registration to be no more than 30 days
  • Construct a new road to Lamanai via Bermudan Landing and Lemonal
  • Pave the road to Caracol, with two points of origin from Georgeville and Santa Elena
  • Continue the paving of the North San Pedro Road to the Basil Jones Airstrip
  • Improve the quality of public bus transportation by giving incentives for better quality, energy efficient buses; review the bus route system to meet peak and non-peak demand nationwide; and enforce quality in public transport
  • Construct a new Belize City Civic Center as a premier sports and entertainment facility to enhance the nationwide network of sport centers currently being developed
  • Construct 35 new schools countrywide from pre-school to High School
  • Develop an institute for Science and Technology
  • Develop an institute for Enterprise and Innovation
  • Expand internet penetration to 50% countrywide
  • Construct three new hospitals: Western Regional, San Pedro and Punta Gorda
  • Implement solid waste systems in the Northern and Southern Corridors
  • Expand electricity to remote rural areas using solar energy technology
  • Construct a forward operating base at the Sarstoon
  • Procure two helicopters to enhance the work of our security forces and emergency personnel
  • Invest $70 million in national security initiatives
  • Offer free specialized clinics in all residential and non-residential centers for the elderly as a way to control chronic and non-communicable disease. These special clinics will be established in centers where the elderly can feel comfortable.
  • Expand the Food Pantry program to other districts
  • Restructure the overall taxation system to ensure equity and fairness in collection, and to encourage economic stimulation
  • Transition to a Single Revenue Authority that coordinates all government tax collection agencies and introduces a common Tax Identification Number
  • Put more people to work through job matching and training based on market demand
  • Reduce the cost of high speed internet to bolster economic growth
  • Strengthen National Standards and Quality Controls to protect consumers and enhance competitiveness
  • Allow homeowners a chance to retain their hard earned equity by enabling banks to extend the period to write off residential mortgages to 10 years
  • Review the policy that prohibits the holding of US Dollar accounts at domestic banks in order to retain capital in Belize
  • Develop an investor-friendly residency program
  • Improve government services through the implementation of a system-wide quality process reform
  • Enact bills to enforce transparency and accountability in Public Financial Management.
  • Fully implement an integrated e-Government system in all departments where practical
  • Diversify the education curriculum to ensure relevance to national demand
  • Launch a nationwide preventative campaign to reduce diabetes, hypertension and obesity through proper nutrition and exercise
  • Develop a National Housing Policy that will stimulate housing starts and create a secondary market for mortgages
  • Institute a National Lands Advisory Council to ensure adherence to progressive land use policies
  • Implement a mandatory recycling program
  • Restrict importation and use of non-biodegradable packaging
  • Develop and implement a modern migration policy that will ensure that immigration into Belize will contribute positively to our national development
  • Implement the National Council on Ageing’s Strategic Plan 2015 – 2019 to address the needs of our elderly, including legal protection, healthy life styles, financial security, social support, housing conditions and access
  • Invest $60 million to upgrade and widen the Philip Goldson Highway from Mile 2 to the PGIA junction, and replace the Haulover Bridge

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