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As part of a countrywide assessment and restructuring of the Public Transportation System, and the rationalization and regularization of rates, Minister of State with responsibility for Transport Hon. Edmond Castro has met with bus operators from the Southern Districts of Stann Creek and Toledo.

Accompanied by his CEO in the Ministry of Transport and National Emergency Management, Ruth Meighan, and Chief Transport Officer Tirsio Galvez, Hon. Castro sat down with the operators in an extended session, reviewing important issues affecting the public transportation system in the South and working out essential details relating to the operation of their buses, fares and quality of service provided to the public.

The Minister of State and his top officials from the Ministry and Department of Transport held similar meetings last week with bus operators from the North and West, as well as taxi operators from the western-border town of Benque Viejo.

Following his meetings, Hon. Castro is taking to Cabinet and the Transport Board the matters discussed and agreed upon in principle, after which he will meet again with the operators to finalize decisions arrived at.