Youth Popular Front (YPF)

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Who we are

(YPF) is a social group principally comprised of young people of diverse background coming together in an attempt to empower the youths of Belize through education and community service.

We are overseen by our Youth Director and a board of Executive members through each constituency in Belize to ensure all our programs and projects are carried out.

Our current objective is to become more visual to the public by hosting events with a positive message.

Youth Popular Front

As a youth group, we encourage youth interactions in every way possible. We know that the youths are the future of our Jewel; therefore we must come together and work as a family. We can do so by working together at planned events such as attending meeting and being active participants in all activities. It starts with our peers . When we work well with each other we can accomplish all goals.


Michael Pollard



Jessica Jones

Vice President


Justin Clarke



Francine Burns

Central Director


Markesha Humes



Shane Williams

Sports Coordinator


Shamir Rodriguez

Outreach Coordinator


Renata Samuels

Public Relation Officer


  • Powerful Youth Voice
  • Career Development
  • Expansion of membership in constituencies
  • Partnership with other Group Organization
  • Career Development

Some Benefits of YPF

  • Mentorship & Career Development
  • Affordable Education
  • Social & Environmental Awareness
  • Economical & Political Education
  • Back to school program

Contact Us

Youth for the Future Drive
Belchina Bridge

Director :Francine Burn – 604-6003

President : Michael Pollard – 628-0224