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UDP Celebrate @ 48

On Monday, September 27, the United Democratic Party celebrated the 48th anniversary of its formation with an official ceremony and all day giveaways.  

Hyacinth Cuellar, Former Belize City Councilor, opened the ceremony with a powerful prayer for the nation. She interceded on behalf of the many Belizeans suffering from covid-19 and grieving the loss of loved ones to violent crimes. Beverly Williams, Second Deputy Leader of the UDP, then welcomed viewers and all in attendance not only to the ceremony but to join the party’s efforts to hold the PUP administration accountable for the many corrupt acts they have committed already.

Hon. Tracy Panton, Area Representative of the Albert Division, says it is a celebration of the movement for “greater representation, greater inclusion and greater democracy on the shoulders of all who have worked in the trenches for us.” She added that it is also a celebration of “those who have kept the faith in the United Democratic Party in the good times as well as times like these when we are in the process of righting our ship.”

Senator Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman of the United Democratic Party, gave a brief history of the United Democratic Party. He spoke of the Liberal Party, People’s Development Movement and National Independence Party joining forces to form the UDP. Peyrefitte also paid homage to founders such as Harry Lawrence, Curl Thompson, Paul Rodriguez, Nestor Vasquez, Henry Young, Manuel Esquivel, Dean Lindo, Collett Gill, Ken Tillett, Charles Wagner, Phillip Goldson, Herbert Fuller, Henry Fairweather, Joe Andrews and Jorge Mena. He said the UDP has a history of strong personalities going at it but eventually uniting for the common good.

Party Leader Patrick Faber delivered the keynote address by first updating the nation on the condition of his mother who is slowly but steadily recovering from Covid-19. He took that opportunity to call for continued prayer for all those infected with the deadly virus and the many mourning the loss of loved ones. Faber went on to reemphasize the need for the UDP to remain committed to fighting for the rights and livelihood of Belizeans. He pointed to the reunion of the party factions as a sign that the United Democratic Party is once again ready to fight and ready to lead. The Party Leader then read off a list of stalwart supporters who passed away over the last year and called for a moment of silence.

Alberto August, Deputy Chairman of the United Democratic Party, thanked viewers, everyone in attendance and those who organized the UDP at 48 activities. Senator Darrell Bradley, John Saldivar and Phillip Willoughby came forward to toast to future success of the party.  

Throughout the entire day, Belizeans won education grants, devices, appliances, getaways, food supplies and cash during the UDP Celebrate at 48 presentation on Wave Radio and TV.