Our Leaders

Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow

Dean Barrow is the Prime Minister and leader of the United Democratic Party. He has represented the UDP in the Queens Square Electoral Division since 1984, winning six consecutive general elections. Mr. Barrow served as Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1984 -1989. In 1990 he became Deputy Party Leader. In the 1993-1998 UDP tenure in government, he served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Security, as well as Attorney General. In 1998, Mr. Barrow became leader of the United Democratic Party. In 2008, he lead the United Democratic Party to a massive victory, with the party taking control of 25 out of 31 seats in the House of Representatives. Barrow is also a very successful and well respected attorney at law.

As a young man, Barrow attended St. Michael’s College in Belize City. He furthered his education at the University of the West Indies in Barbados (LL.B. 1973), the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica (Certificate of Legal Education, 1975), the University of Miami School of Law (LL.M., 1981), and the University of Miami (M.A. International Relations).

Patrick Faber

Patrick Faber is the Minister of Education(Science and Technology), Culture, Youth and Sports, Deputy Prime Minister and also serves as the UDP’s First Deputy Party Leader. As a teenager, Faber campaigned for the UDP and later became President of the Belize National Youth Commission (1995-1996). He topped the polls for the United Democratic Party in the 1999 Municipal Elections. Faber is the first candidate to accomplish consecutive victories in the Collet Constituency since Belize’s Independence and is the youngest member of both the Belize House of Representatives and the Cabinet.

Faber graduated from St John’s College in 1994 and went on to pursue higher degrees at St. John’s Junior College (A.A.S. 1996), Valdosta State University (B.A. 1998), University of North Florida (M.Ed. 2003), and Oklahoma State University.