Our Party

From its genesis almost four decades ago, the United Democratic Party has been about broad-based people participation and equal opportunity for the masses. In fact, the party saw its birth and formation through the amalgamation of various opposition elements constituting a large segment of the Belizean population systematically neglected and locked-out of the political process which featured a virtual one-party rule.

The UDP has since deepened and expanded its creed and mission of service to all through equitable distribution of public resources and opportunities, underpinned by sound fiscal policies that ensure economic stability, sustainable growth, and massive development of physical and social infrastructure.

Internationally, the UDP is respected as the party that operates a responsible and fiscally sound administration; at home it is appreciated as the government that defends the national interest, champions the cause of the masses and brings compassion to the most disadvantaged in the community.

In true democratic fashion, the UDP is a party of the People, by the People and always for the People.